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Subject:  Eeny, meeny, miny, moe Date:  7/5/2016  12:01 PM
Author:  Banjolicious Number:  25795 of 26345

First some background; I've been with my current employer for 20+ years and have been steadily building my 401k for at least 10 years with reasonably good results. After having been burned by high load / high expense mutual funds in our previous plan (many years ago), I've steered clear of most funds and had the bulk of my portfolio in individual stocks with a couple of funds as an anchor (VTHRX and BRLGX). Our accounts were with a small-time provider which allowed me a free hand to choose stocks or funds at will, although transaction fees were pretty high.

Recently, my employer was advised that the company was putting itself at huge risk b/c in that type of account they had fiduciary duty to make sure the employees that participate were actually investing wisely (eye roll). So, the result is that we are changing providers to a more traditional type plan where I get a menu of mediocrity from which to choose funds. I've already liquidated all of my old positions with the previous provider (missed getting whacked by Brexit by a single day!)

The reason I'm posting is that I hope some of you who navigate these waters can help me avoid the pitfalls. As I understand it from my crash course in internet reading, I need to keep the expense ratio to a minimum and avoid loads if possible. Other than that, I'm thinking I need to allocate to some different sectors/styles.

Here's my short list out of about 30 choices:
FPURX exp=0.56 Fidelidy Puritan; 5-star; Lg Growth
VEIRX exp=0.17 Vanguard Equity Income; 5 star lg Value
FUSEX exp=0.1 Fidelity 500 Index; 4 star; Lg Blend
VSMAX exp=0.08 Vanguard Small Cap Index; 4 star Sm Blend
FCNTX exp=0.71 Fidelity Contrafund; 4 star; Lg Growth

What sorts of things should I be looking at to make my choices? I'm looking at retiring in maybe 15 years, so I ruled out the bond funds.

Feel free to point me to self-help sites. Thanks!
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