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Subject:  Re: The Dark Side of Technology Date:  11/10/2017  11:19 AM
Author:  XMFBreakerTinker Number:  85754 of 116322

I have found, driving here, that at stop lights nearly everyone (that does not have kids in their cars, but are by themselves, and often with another adult or older child in the front seat with them) are staring at their phones during stop lights. It has become a problem where the use of car horns has become necessary as the light will change and the driver will not have his or her head up to notice the change.

I am not innocent of this, not at all. Not at every light. But many. I find that if you are at the front of the line, it is a problem, as it is more difficult to ascertain the change of the light. But if you are behind a car, it is easy to keep your eye on the car in front and the phone and thereby you know when it is time to go.

But despite the urge, I am trying to limit this behavior because the constant change of attention creates a headache. And a headache is the sign of something not right about it.

As for kids, good luck! My little girl who is clearly a future scholar (on merit academic scholarships) likes her devices, stares at them while watching TV (it is the thing kids do these days, multiple devices, with TV as the background) but she knows when to put it away and does.

My son...lost cause, lost cause. You can even take the devices away from him and he finds a way, or he is unable to live in the moment and his mind is on the games.

He is getting better however, as he gets older. And there are reasons why I am not being that hard on him at the moment, but if this continues I will need to have an intervention.

One reason I am limiting myself more investment wise, other than it has also been very profitable, is to pull back on internet usage and focus on being in the real world. The more time I spend on the internet, the more time I then have to spend on work, and the less I live in the real world.

Internet should be a supplement and a tool, not a life style. And unfortunately, I see it everywhere, obsession with the phone. Walking with it, driving with it, etc. It is clear we are destined to be a cyborg species and a collective of sorts. Maybe sooner than we think (in the next 10-20 years we will see it), very sad. Not all will be lolled into this, but it will be a growing trend, that will have a counterevolution social strait fighting against it.

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