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Subject:  Bartiromo and the Professor Date:  1/21/2018  1:59 PM
Author:  MrCheeryO Number:  529999 of 659788

So it was her and Neill Ferguson hawking his new book. The professor boldly asserted two assumptions:

1. Trump/etc. is not being given enough credit for his sweeping deregulation and
2. There is a straight line connection between eliminating things called regulations and the economic growth Ferguson sees. Economic growth which is about the same or a little weaker (payrolls) than anyone could see in 2016.

Federal Register Pages Published Annually
Data supplied by the Office of the Federal Register and the year-end Federal Register


2016 ....97,110

1990 ....53,620

Yeah so way down from 2016 and substantially up from as recently as 1990. Sure pages is as about as crude measure as you can get but fine where is the Professor's or anyone's much more sophisticated measure and analysis? I have been looking and it doesn't exist. There is just no real evidence at all that Trump is cutting large swathes of regulation. Of course Trump makes his usual ridiculous claims as dutifully reported in the American press. "Our goal was to cut 2 regulations for every new one added but we ended up cutting 22 regulations for every new one added". The typical obvious idiocy.

So why do the same people that insist that Trump is 1. untruthful and 2. incompetent want to believe he is 1. truthful and 2. competent when it comes to cutting regulations? Some just want to feel bad as far as I can see but more important it serves their purpose. By believing Trump on this thing it makes him looks worse, in their eyes. It allows certain politicians to rile up their base by claiming Trump is deregulating American goodness away. In the absence of any evidence at all other than anecdotal and I'm sure even Obama/etc. eliminated some regulation they found unworthy.

Just repeated time and time and again by mediocrities like Professor Ferguson with never any real evidence offered up. Needless to say Bartiromo was loving it speaking of mediocrities.

As to assumption #2 it will appeal to only the most uninspired incoming undergrad. To take one obvious financial example I'm glad the SEC is there such as it is. Gives me some confidence I can invest in building America and economic growth without having to worry the directors are just leaving for Panama once they get my money. What more need be said?

The Professor and Mary Anne and the rest? Where is your evidence? It doesn't exist or you would provide it. Which you never do.

So +payrolls was actually a little stronger in 2016 despite 35,000 more pages. OK. Point taken and maybe proven.

Ferguson's book or new golf balls? Golf balls.
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