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Subject:  Re: Strength of old Gorillas & power of addition Date:  2/22/2018  11:11 AM
Author:  DreamerDad Number:  8776 of 8783

A lot of stocks look pretty good from 2008 crash.

From about March thru Oct 2000 I was still scratching my head trying to understand the valuations of CSCO, JNPR, and RBAK.

Cisco is doing quite well, as a company. It's stock has still never reached the peak from 2000 though. Juniper has lost their way a bit and settled into a $10b market cap after being about 10x that in 2000. Good ol' Redback Networks got sold to Ericsson for about their IPO price or so...hard to find historical stock charts for RBAK, but pretty sure they got up to about $20b and IPO was $1-2b so they also dropped 10-20x from their peak.

MSFT has only recently reclaimed their 2000 highs.

In hindsight we are all geniuses, but if I could do it over again, starting in mid-1999 (when I, unfortunately, first started having extra income to invest) I would:

Save money for 10 years, put it towards a house and take the rest and buy stocks (berkshire, aapl, amzn, nflx, googl...doesn't really matter which ones almost) in April 2009.

You literally could have just saved money for a decade.

Plan B with hindsight and a crystal ball would be:
Save money from 1999 until Oct 2001 then invest in anything and sell it all in 2007.
Wait 2 years, buy it all back.

Market timing, historical market conditions/crashes, and having cash on hand all do matter.
Unfortunately no one was really talking about that in 1999-2000.

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