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Subject:  Re: good news! Date:  3/28/2018  8:33 PM
Author:  BenHacker Number:  2598 of 3781


"My logic was - downside of aiming high is *zero*...

This is not correct. Let us say the job has a salary range of $125 to $135K; and you think you will be hired if you asked for $100K or rejected because you asked for $175K?

You are negotiating and if you are really a candidate they like they are going to say this is what we can offer and at that point you have an option of taking or leaving.

I don't think you are going to lose a job because you asked for a higher salary. Especially when the employer has not made an offer.

I don't understand, you agreeing with me but saying I'm wrong... My comment was there is zero downside for the potential employee to aim high... you agree right?

"To me, this was very obvious advice, but to my wife and her friend it wasn't second nature. I don't know if this is some fundamental difference between women and men, but I have found it somewhat consistent. I think guys (generally) are overconfident and leads them to asking more, expecting more, while very competent women seem to be more subdued in stating (or even knowing) what they are truly worth in a job setting. Cultural, hormonal, genetic, or something else, I don't know, but I've found it to be true.

How often you hire people or you applied for jobs and negotiated salary? This is full of biases and not closer to reality"

must be because I'm an inexperienced n00b. Clearly your world experience is "closer to reality" and mine is invalid.
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