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Subject:  Re: NVDA and competitive threat Date:  4/21/2018  3:14 PM
Author:  FlixFool Number:  93270 of 118634

Apple is concerned about one thing, and one thing only; the customer experience. Well, under Jobs that was true. I'm beginning to wonder what the hell is happening now that he's gone. Their software is getting "updated" for the sake of updating it. Their hardware is getting useless things tacked on to it, and useful things removed from it just for the sake of being different. I'm a long-time Apple fan, and they're really starting to piss me off with some of their design decisions. I can't decide if they're made because Apple is attempting more user lock-in, or they're trying to sway the industry in different directions, or they're just plain flat out of good ideas. But I digress.

Nvidia is also concerned about one thing. Creating the best GPUs available. If it so happens they can sell them to those who wish to re-purpose a graphics engine into mining crypto-currencies, they're happy to do that. But they'll still make the best graphics cards out there because that's their focus.

Apple doesn't care about the absolute best unless it's having the best customer experience. And if that experience doesn't improve enough relative to the cost of using Nvidia, they won't bother. People don't buy Apple to do the things that benefit from such a highly performant GPU. They buy Apple these days as a status symbol. Or a gadget of convenience, like phones, watches and tablets. Very few people buy desktops from Apple. Most are laptops. And those aren't systems people do graphics intensive operations on. So if they can keep the costs lower by using a cheaper GPU, they will as long as the customer experience doesn't suffer that much.

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