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Subject:  Re: Take the Fifth! - Sure! Date:  5/17/2018  12:23 PM
Author:  awlabrador Number:  208483 of 209643

I may not always LIKE the fact that they have eliminated some old industry standards, but I love the fact that they make things move forward.

Heh, despite your protestation, you might be accused of blindly following whatever Apple does.

I went through various Apple-driven transitions, as did we all. At those times, I resented the loss of ADB, SCSI, Firewire, etc., given my prior investments in hardware, but now, I'm glad I did, every single time. Having been through transitions in the past makes it easier, for me, to accept transitions now and in the future. OTOH, I accepted the loss of floppies and optical drives pretty easily. I think the opportunity to get rid of piles of floppies, CDs, and DVDs has been pretty enticing.

Changes to iCloud/.Mac/MobileMe were a bit more difficult, since I had lots of content created on things like iWeb, for example, and while I can easily copy data between Firewire, USB3, and Thunderbolt drives, the loss of services without an upgraded alternative left me either high and dry or without an easy transfer to something newer. I do note with more than a little satisfaction that iDisk, the loss of which I thought was a bad idea, was eventually returned in iCloud Drive -- this despite another poster here telling me I should just follow Apple's choices, which are the wave of the future, etc.

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