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Subject:  Re: Sixteen parts per million Date:  3/7/2008  2:55 PM
Author:  DemonDoug Number:  33966 of 752

Wow, did you get that from ExxonMobil's website?  Maybe a more unbiased view would move you slightly away from the neocon fascist oil banking rich guy view to actal reality.

"Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have greatly increased the quantity of carbon dioxide found in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Atmospheric levels have increased by over 30%, from about 275 parts per million (ppm) in the early 1700s to just over 365 PPM today. Scientists estimate that future atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide could reach an amount between 450 to 600 PPM by the year 2100. The major sources of this gas due to human activities include fossil fuel combustion and the modification of natural plant cover found in grassland, woodland, and forested ecosystems. Emissions from fossil fuel combustion account for about 65% of the additional carbon dioxide currently found in the Earth's atmosphere. The other 35% is derived from deforestation and the conversion of natural ecosystems into agricultural systems. Researchers have shown that natural ecosystems can store between 20 to 100 times more carbon dioxide than agricultural land-use types." - this is an educational website with zero political leanings.

Are you going to next offer up some evidence that the earth is 5768 years old?


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