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Subject:  Re: I almost forgot to write about Gov. Spitzer Date:  3/11/2008  2:05 PM
Author:  FleaBagger Number:  34637 of 600

You're all wrong. I was being sarcastic about going easy on him. For one thing, the shareholders he was "protecting" deserve their losses for not paying attention to their holdings in  much the same way that people being foreclosed on deserve what they get for borrowing loans they cannot repay, and failing subprime lenders deserve to fail.

Furthermore, he wasn't just having sex with prostitutes (I didn't even try that with the language filter), no one knows where he got the money to do it. He might have expensed it to the government a la those corporate kingpins he was self-righteously prosecuting. (Even if you're pro-legalization, you have to see something wrong with that, EScrooge).

And you prostitution legalization folks, Spitzer was one of the leading tobacco lawsuit A'sG. (That's why I have the MO and RAI tickers listed as related.) How do you like him now?

And he was screwing AIG shareholders for something or other... basically no good reason. Though they were gonna hurt from the subprime crap anyway.

He didn't care whether he was protecting shareholders or just robbing us of our rights; as long as he was glorifying himself and advancing his political career, it was all good with him.

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