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Subject:  The Infidels are their own Terrorists! Date:  3/17/2008  12:46 AM
Author:  DownWithInfidels Number:  35789 of 600


 Goodbye to your 401k!

 It is all your own fault, for thinking that Gold and silver is risky!!! It is YOUR dollar that is risky!!!

All the infidels are scared of the Middle East, afraid we will blow them up. When in fact they should be scared of themselves!!! They are their own terrorists destroying themselves!!!! We just sit back and laugh. It is their own greed and usury that has caused it! Not buildings collapsing.

 Now when there is andyvalk and his ilk, looking for someone to blame for the problems in US society. Instead to hate us, they now must look in their own mirror!!! They have created their own financial loss, they have created their own obesity, they have created their own environmental problems, they have created their own job loss!

The US will go down as the most shameful fall of a superpower. Not fighting bravely in a war and losing, but rather eating and borrowing themselves into oblivion!!!!!!!! SHAMEFUL!!!!!!! 200 years from now the history books will laugh at them for being so stupid!


I am wrong in saying the market will go up in three months. But the important thing is I am correct in all else. And I will forever hold C points leader until it goes to $0!!!!!

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