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Subject:  Re: Holy buybacks Batman!!! - DIRECTV (DTV) Date:  2/18/2013  8:21 PM
Author:  JohnCLeven Number:  394555 of 480

After spending another 45 minutes looking for negative comments about DTV, especially with regards to investing, the most consistent bear case being presented is competition from internet TV, Apple, Google, etc. Also the customer service is apparantly pretty bad too. So that's not really any new info, unfortunately.

When I look at DTV, I see a simple business, with 10 years of solidly growing revenues, earnings, and cash flow...and a rapidly declining share count. Latin American growth looks very encouraging as well. And the bear case dosent seem nearly as convincing as the positive data does, to me at least. I have a pretty hard time imagining DTV earning less $ in 5 years than they do today. Not only will DTV's pizza be bigger in  5 years, but they'll probably be cutting that pizza into significntly less slices as well, thanks to the buybacks. This means more pizza for us!

So, the new guys at Berkshire like them, you like them, valuemoney likes them, I like them, and Wall Street dosen't like what's not to like?

I visited Big Lots this evening as well. It seemed like a decent discount store, but not overly impressive. Foot traffic was decent for a weeknight, but nothing to write home about. Although the stock is cheap, and the buybacks are great, they really have no competitive advnatage,  as far as I can tell. Also, cash flow growth is pretty stagnant. I'll be checking in on BIG from time to time, but I don't think it's a company i'd buy in real life, even with epic buybacks.

Thanks for commenting, MegaShort!

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