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Subject:  Re: On Argentina, Krugman, Mosler, and Wenzel Date:  2/20/2013  10:09 PM
Author:  lucas1985 Number:  394713 of 424

"lucas?  my old climate change troll?  Is that you?"

Yep, I'm the one who keeps pouring cold evidence in front of your feverish conspiracy theories, wacky schemes and just plain ignorance. But like a broken clock, you're on the side of reality this time: price controls never worked and they'll cause even more distortions in the Argentine economy. Inflation is (almost) always a monetary phenomenom and monetary expansion is the cause of Argentine inflation. And the Peronist government is so incompetent, perverse and corrupt that it decided to break the thermometer (the oficial statistics) because it started to show fever back in 2007.

I expect a reply along these lines: "See, even the Statist and warmonger of lucas1985 admits that the State is the source of all bad things" because your ignorance and dogmatism can't deal with nuance. The Argentine government is not the same thing as the State in a strong liberal democracy with functioning constitutional checks, effective rule of law, more dispersed power, etc.

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