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Subject:  Re: The two best paragraph's I have read on my p Date:  2/24/2013  9:05 PM
Author:  whereaminow Number:  394900 of 550

75% of Americans donate to charity. That pretty much refutes the Mises quote.

Actually, the opposite.  Because are humans are naturally generous, there is no need whatsover to have a violent institution expropriate us in the hopes of making us "more generous." 

Some form of voluntary wealth redistribution is found in every human society, even among the most hardcore individualists.  Humans are simply generous people when they are allowed to freely interact.  

But for some, human generosity simply isn't enough.  And they feel that if we have a violent minority threaten us into giving more, that will make the world a better place.

Mises is referring specifically to that group.  The Etatists.  He is not referring to those who voluntarily take the time to donate and work for charity.  

David in Liberty

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