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Subject:  Re: Bogus Fiscal Crisis Date:  2/24/2013  11:38 PM
Author:  whereaminow Number:  394904 of 396

and other toadies of big business


If I'm a toadie (?) of big business, why do they come to you for bailouts and not me?  And why do you give them bailouts while I oppose?

And why are all the regulatory agencies (your agencies - I oppose them) stocked with big business sympathizers and revolving door bureaucrats?  And why are all the regulations they pass written by corporate lobbies, e.g. ObamaCare?  And why are you always supporting legislation that favors big business while I oppose it?  

And why does big business spend billions to finance the campaigns of Democrats as well as Republicans, but next to nothing (if anything) to support libertarians?

And if you say, that's because they know libertarians wouldn't win, then how does their money have any influence at all, and how does big business continue to wield so much power with it?


David in Liberty

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