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Subject:  Re: Study on early claiming of SS Date:  9/5/2018  6:46 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  20714 of 21783

<<bighairymike analyzes,

And getting back to guarantees, all of this is subject to change by the congress weasels who endeavor to run our lives.


Not entirely. Congresscritters have learned that cutting Social Security or Medicare for current beneficiaries (or those those close to it) results in their removal in the next election.


Yes, so the art is stealing from those people who aren't yet anticipating receiving those benefits.

The classic example was Ronald Reagan's methods of insuring that the WWII generation collect their benefits.

The methods used were to gouge the baby boomer generation by increased SS taxes, reduced benefits and higher taxes, all the while continuing to spend the SS taxes coming in on other stuff.

The result was, instead of the baby boomers pre funding their SS benefits, yet another huge deficit is on the horizon, and soon Democrats will be looking for someone else to screw using the tried and proven methods described above.

GUESS who will be targeted for that?

Seattle Pioneer
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