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Subject:  Re: Study on early claiming of SS Date:  9/16/2018  3:49 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  20771 of 22092

"None of those things requires you to be "wealthy" or win a lottery.
They do require judicious decisions made at various times in your life -
and going back in time is unfortunately not a valid option. But really
living well just does not require tremendous multi-million dollar net
worth or several hundred dollar a year income."

??? I traveled on the cheap when I was in college and after we were first married.
I'm over it. If I have to travel on the cheap I'd just as soon stay home and sleep
in my own bed.

And I'm not talking about "living well". I all ready "live well". I married well
and have a good life. I'm talking about being filthy rich and buying whatever
the hell I want to and going wherever the hell I want to, whenever I want to,
renting really nice accomodations, and eating at really nice restaurants
- which ain't cheap.

"I have not seen any indication that past Presidents had to watch their spending
after they were no longer President. I have seen some past-governors put in jail - but Presidents?" - Howie

What's that got to do with anything? Donald Trump was uber rich before he ever became
President. His wealth and lifestyle has nothing to do with him being President. His
life does not depend whether he is President or not. He's going to have a great life
regardless of whether he is reelected.

And I wasn't talking about "other presidents?" Why even bring them up? I was talking about Donald Trump?

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