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Subject:  Re: Violent extortion in France... Date:  12/11/2018  12:39 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  548928 of 576276

[i]Denying the reality of climate change[/i]
A parable:

One Friday, the receptionist at the local climate-research center didn't show up. As it happens, she normally doesn't work Fridays, but for some reason her absence disquieted some of the researchers.

She didn't show up on Monday either. Or Tuesday.

"She's been kidnapped!" a researcher cried out.

Immediately they began searching the building for any evidence of how she had been kidnapped. They found nothing unusual except a stack of papers in her in-box waiting for someone to file them.

"There! That's proof she was kidnapped! If she wasn't, she would have filed those papers!"

"Are we sure there isn't a normal explanation?" asked a janitor.

"You insensitive clod, denying that she's missing!" the researchers cried out, and got the janitor fired.

They called the police, who searched her house. The police said it looked like she had packed for a vacation, but nothing looked bad to them.

"The police don't know how to look for signs of kidnapping, or they would have found something!"

A private detective was hired. He also searched the receptionist's house, and reached the same conclusion.

"There's a conspiracy to cover up her kidnapping! You're in on it!" and the researchers refused to pay the private detective's fee.

One of the researchers decided that she must have been killed and buried in a certain farmer's field. "Okay," said all the researchers, "we know where she is!" And they were content.

Until a researcher from a different research center went and looked in the farmer's field, and found no evidence of a grave or body.

Another researcher concluded that her body was in a certain closet in an adjacent building. "That's where she is, for sure!" the researchers agreed.

A graduate student working in the institute went and looked. "Ah, guys, that closet is actually a public men's room, and she's not there." He lost his position at the institute, for this denial that the receptionist was missing, and became a clerk at the local Walmart.

After nearly two weeks, the institute's token physicist said "I had an idea. I looked at our vacation schedule. She scheduled this absence four months ago - she's in Tahiti, and will be back Tuesday."

The token physicist was blackballed, and spent the rest of his career flipping burgers. Can't have a denier on the staff of any respectable institute.

On Tuesday, the receptionist was back. She was told to clear her desk of any other work and put all her time into investigating her kidnapping.

She denied that she had been kidnapped, so she was fired too. Fortunately, receptionists have an easier time finding suitable work.
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