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Subject:  Re: It's time. Date:  1/24/2019  11:13 AM
Author:  Walstib Number:  312400 of 312992

"*Hoping for a balance transfer offer is not a solid plan."


You are absolutely correct and your post has a lot of good info. You may be underestimating the level at which I am backed into a corner I do need to "hope" for a BT that improves my situation once the 0% rate jumps. I'm not holding my breath, just hoping. It is very likely I will have to shuffle that card to the top when some usuary rate kicks in. That is the real plan. That is the reality. I'm trying to think positive. Hopelessness is paralyzing.

"Do you have a small amount of money -- $1,000 or so, maybe put away in case of really dire emergencies?"

I'm new here Thypeace. I've been taking a better look around and I'm starting to realize that there are a a lot of very rich people on this site. I'm seeing high incomes, millionaires, and for the most part people for whom money is no object. They also seem to have very good habits, work ethic, history, decision making, intelligence, etc so I'm not saying they came by anything easily. I'm only pointing out that...there seems to be a certain amount of "out of touch" with the reality of someone as strapped as me. You, et al, have been super helpful and kind and I get the sense that you all genuinely care. Respectfully, I'll point out that $1000 is a very VERY large amount of money to me and my family. I need to stick around and submerge myself in this great group and learn everything I can even though I don't really fit in.

All, I don't wish to resist, push back, or ignore things like "you need a budget" and emergency funds and such. I DO need to somehow carve out some breathing room first. A budget sounds awesome, but those are for people who have more money than month. When I read things like "don't forget, your roof or furnace won't last forever and that isn't an emergency-- you need to plan for that in your budget" I realize that a budget can only point out failure/futility. I need hope and I have to deal with reality currently. I'm trying. This debt is my emergency right now.

Positivity: We have health insurance. I have contributed to a retirement fund for many years. It isn't a ton of money, but it has trickled for a while. We aren't hungry and we have a roof. Yesterday we ate black eyed peas made from dry stock and it was/is delicious. Poor folk solace.

I am very grateful for the advice I am receiving!
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