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Subject:  Re: Credit for College Date:  1/25/2019  12:39 PM
Author:  MikeMiser Number:  312412 of 312777

Seattle Pioneer,

Posting Reply a bit late. I am middle class not privileged and my children are middle class. I will never apologize for trying to help them in any way I can.

I didn't reply in the past few days because I worked a 75 hour week last week.

The original poster was looking for a way to help improve their child's credit score. The fastest way to do this, without co-signing for them is to make them an authorized user. Until the credit scoring system changes then I see nothing wrong in doing this.

Not a helicopter parent at all. Doing this when they were in college got them better rates on cards so they didn't get sucked into the high interest cards then many college kids fall victim to.

They are now older, have good jobs, and are in control of their own finances. I did my job as a parent.

Maybe if colleges and high schools taught more about banking and finance , all students would have a better chance of getting ahead. The liberal crap that they fill there heads with today is the real problem. I was born, so I am entitled. WOW!

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