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Subject:  Re: Libet and free will revisited Date:  3/8/2019  2:19 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  26756 of 27158

Can you name anything else that arises out of complexity that has properties that are totally absent in the component parts?


Now you're going to say that this is a component of matter, but without actual evidence we are at an impasse. I can measure the mass of something, its reactivity, its magnetism, etc. I can't measure it's consciousness (at least not yet, if such is in fact a property of matter). Without that ability it appears consciousness is a possible by-product of complexity.

I am curious to know what your "consciousness detector" might be.

I could ask you the same. You're making the assertion that consciousness is a fundamental property of matter. Where does that show up on the periodic table? How could you measure it?

Various tests have been proposed to determine consciousness, notably the Turing test for machine intelligence.

The Big Bell Test is really just a version of the EPR verification using quasars. The photons arriving here from the quasars were generated long before this planet even formed, and so should not have been entangled with the photons being measured in the experiment. As I read the summary of the test you're referring to, they assumed free will and considered that a basis for randomization. I think that is a fatal flaw in that we do not know if free will is a real thing. I agree it was pretty cool, but from the rigorous science aspect the quasar version is more solid because there are fewer assumptions.

Now you might argue that the two experiments agreeing bolsters the assumptions in the BBT. And maybe so, or maybe it was enough that the lack of entanglement was present in both situations regardless of freedom of will.
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