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Subject:  Re: - An Exact Account of What Happened Sunday.. Date:  3/14/2019  1:04 AM
Author:  notablelaggard Number:  23945 of 24620

I expect they'll sort it out. Maybe it's just buggy software. Dunno. -1pg

Ya know, the fact is that they knew from the moment the plane went down on Sunday that the cause was the very same problem that brought down the first Max-8 5 months ago. The FAA spokesperson, in the very brief talk that I linked to above, the first posting of this thread, specifically cited what the problem was/is -- new oversized engines on the Max 8 add unusual weight, so they created and added in new software coding to combat the effects of this extra weight and that overrules the pilot's efforts beyond a certain point. InnnnnSANE!!! to take away the Pilot's means of flying the plane he is there to fly!!!

Again, in the talk that is linked to, which I'll re-add below, she says "Here is what happens with this new Boeing built situation...." and yet, for the past few days I've heard report after report saying "we don't know yet whether there are actually any similarities between these two incidents! .. so we can't be sure whether a grounding of M8's makes sense.." Again, SO crazy, when it was in fact known from the start!
FINALLY, just an hour ago, I heard a little mini interview in which the woman being asked about it 'dares' to say, "Well, it's becoming quite clear now that these two incidents were extremely similar in how they transpired. In fact, this is what we largely suspected all along, since Sunday's event, but we were waiting to be sure.." I call total Bullshit on this, since, again, former Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Mary Chiavo already made it absolutely clear that the two events mirrored one another.

Here is her commenting early on after the incident .. just click on the blue "Listen" directly under the picture of a Max 8 at the top of the page:

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