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Subject:  Re: Fracturing within Democratic Party Date:  4/16/2019  6:59 PM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  881456 of 888207

Donald Trump has somehow managed to get the left so far to the left they are starting to fall off the end of the table. Some on the left say this is all Trump's fault as the 'great divider'. I couldn't disagree more. Trump has been successful at ripping the facade off the pretenders, showing them for what they really are: pretentious, intolerant, maniacal hypocrites. Does any established Democrat care about Americans, our safety and financial well being. Nope, they care about keeping their position and doing everything in their power to defeat Trump. They will destroy the village to save it...where saving is universally defined by them as defeating Donald Trump.

I think the Left is doing a superb job. Conservatives are responding exactly as they should as the only adults in the room. Just give the left their shovels and let them dig, with only periodic tweets from the Donald to keep them well motivated. The more motivated, the crazier they'll get and the more out-of-control for Pelosi to try to manage.

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