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Subject:  Re: Buttigieg takes Shot @ Bernie Date:  4/22/2019  2:44 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  125104 of 134107

So Bernie supporters are racist goobers? LOL

I’m quite sure that’s not what he meant (and I think you know it.)

What I take is that he’s saying (some) people are frustrated and feel left out, and that makes them look for more radical solutions than a simple continuation of the past (with improvements.)

Yes, many of Trups supports are racist goobers. I don’t think so many of Bernie’s are, although I believe they are economically naive, but that is a very different thing. The “goobers” got what they wanted, by quirk of fate, and it isn’t working out so well for them.

Imports have only caused higher prices.
Mexico is not paying for the wall.
He’s closing in on Nixon for most indictments in an administration.
He plays million dollar golf every weekend.
He’s separating families and putting children in cages.
Utilities continue to close coal plants.
His cabinet officers are largely a joke.
The tax cuts went mostly to the wealthy,
and to businesses, which are not capital investing with it.
Canada, Japan, and Europe have multilateral trade agreements without us.
American farmers are taking it on the chin.
Unemployment is down, but it went down more under Obama.
The stock market is up, but it went up more under Obama.
He led his party to disaster in the 2018 midterms.
His constant tweeting undermines the Presidency.
He has attacked the FBI, the judicial branch, Congress, the free press, and more.
Government has repeatedly been shut down.
He dismissed the idea that Russia interfered with the election.
He continues to profit at his hotels by serving foreign and corporate customers.
His businesses are, to put it mildly, a sham.
His children are an embarrassment.
His wife is/was an illegal immigrant.
He had bone spurs, which vanished once Vietnam was concluded.
Manufacturing has not returned.
The wall doesn’t exist.
She isn’t locked up.
But it looks as though he may be.
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