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Subject:  Peak Gene Therapy? Date:  6/18/2019  7:22 PM
Author:  Fuma102 Number:  239 of 252

Sanofi quits Voyager.

Uniqure looking for a buyout.

EDITAS still cant get out of their own way.

I was hoping SPARK would have a plug and play platform for eyeballs (genetic eye disease) - it wasnt so simple as their platform didnt work for a second genetic disease as well.

I question whether the market is saturated with gene therapy for rare genetic disease, and even at $1m / treatment with a baseline incidence of 1,000 / year for treatment, that's $1b / treatment... but there still does not seem to be a reliable "plug and play" platform yet, these trials take an amazing amount of time (not to mention single arm trials are often garbage!) and there is going to be competition amongst each other, likely leading to decreased profit margins and forcing companies to do more and more expensive trials to prove safety & efficacy +/- monitoring. It seems like the market & pharma are beginning to see that "it may not be so easy" and that a "let's see how this all plays out & pay more later" strategy is probably better than "spend less now and ask questions later & hope we win the lottery."

by the way, my calls on gene therapy?
CRSPR: down 9% since thumbs down March 2018
NTLA: down 31% since thumbs down April 2018
EDIT: down 48% since thumbs down March 2018

Have we just surpassed peak gene therapy? Or was that when there was a Freakonomics podcast on it? :P
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