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Subject:  Re: Another conversation Date:  9/9/2019  1:19 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  312640 of 312970

She just started working again and gets her first paycheck this Friday. She'll be paid, before taxes, $132. (She worked 12 hours last week, having started on Thursday.)

Does she have other income this year? Filing Head of Household with 1 dependent and having an $11/hour job for the rest of the year, it is likely that she will be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), depending on her other income. You might want to go through this IRS Publication with her

How did she fill out her W-4? You may want to go over that with her, because if she can claim exemption from withholding, it will help boost her paycheck.

If she was eligible for EITC in 2016, 2017 and/or 2018, but didn't claim it, she can file an amended return for those years. (If she just didn't file for any of those years, she can just file an original return.) Here is a webpage from the IRS that can help figure those years out

To get help with EITC issues, I would suggest that she go to TaxAide. Because it's no longer tax season, they don't have any sites open at this point. However, by submitting a question about how to file for EITC in prior years here she may be able to get in contact with someone who can help her with any prior returns.

When she needs to file her taxes for 2019, she should definitely use the TaxAide locator - she will be able to get her taxes done for free, and they may be able to point her to additional services in her area.

I believe that the second grader gets free breakfast and lunch at school, which helps a little for him.

Is he on CHIP for health insurance? Is she eligible for Medicaid in her state for insurance, and if so, is she already on it? If she's not eligible, is she eligible for subsidized ACA coverage?

- TaxAide volunteer who helps many people claim EITC, including for prior years
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