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Subject:  Re: Another conversation Date:  1/7/2020  9:16 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  312735 of 313041

<<I was speaking to a young adult relative yesterday, and in the course of the conversation, learned that her finances are far worse than I had imagined them to be.>>

I re read this thread to see if there were additional comments that might be helpful.

Most of the comments dealt with how to get more benefits from government. That's fine and appropriate, but I wonder if it is neglecting other options.

The second option discussed most often was obtaining aid from churches or other charitable organizations. That is an option that should certainly be maxed out.

The third option is the one that would be the most traditional one relied upon, and also the least discussed in this thread: assistance by the family, including the extended family.

The comment opening this post suggests that the difficulties of this family member are not well understood by other family members, and indeed are probably being hidden from other family members. I suggest that is a mistake.

Since the principle person is in extreme distress and bordering on being helpless, that suggests that one or more other family members ought to be pitching in on a regular basis to help this part of the family survive. That might include finding another family member to care for the minor child, for example.

It should probably include family members beating the bushes for assistance from government, churches, nonprofits and other family members.

Perhaps better situated family members should be asked or volunteer to take this distressed person into their home to care and succor her, just as the minor child should be cared for when the mother isn't capable of doing these tasks.

The idea that every young adult, even when in extreme distress, should be maintained in an independent living situation strikes me as bogus and foolish.

I suggest that the most important and dramatic improvements in the welfare of the young adult and her child is likely to come from family members stepping up to take charge of lives that these people in distress cannot manage for themselves at present.

WHERE are the other adults in this extended family?

Seattle Pioneer
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