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Subject:  Re: Basic GTR1 help request Date:  8/4/2020  10:24 PM
Author:  borisnand Number:  278617 of 282556

A Minimalist Guide to GTR1
description: GTR1 is a backtester for US exchange listed stocks. There are many text boxes available but only a few are needed to get results. (To find the ones below, try searching for Steps, Friction, Detailed, etc.)

0. Open the website

1. Fill in the Steps: box with
sp500.a = 1

2. Fill in the Friction box with 0.4%.

3. Click the radio button for a Detailed Report.

4. At the bottom of the page, click Run Backtest.

5. Normally, the message "Command successful!" will be displayed.
If successful, click on Skip to results.
(Or right click on Save to URL for posting.)

6. Focus on the Avg column. CAGR and GSD are listed.
Scroll down to see "Total Return for Year Ending:".

7. Scroll up a little to see the Command Translation.

8. Add fields. Near the top of the page, click on Free-Form. Add the following lines to Field Labels:
ShareRatio: ratio(shraq1.s,shraq5.s)
PS: ratio(product(sprc,shraq1.s),sales12m.s)

9. Add the following lines to Steps:
aprc > 5
ShareRatio > 0
ShareRatioX < 0.97
PS > 0
PS bottom 10

10. Go to the bottom of the page, and click Run Backtest. There will be an error displayed. Some possible errors:
"field1 is not required at any step"
"Unrecognized field function: field2=ShareRatioX"
Go back and fix the error.

11. Other possible fields
CurrentEY: ratio(cepsd.s,sprc)
PFCF: ratio(sprc,fcfps12mq1d.s)
ROE: ratio(netinc12mq1d.s,equityq1.s)
MktCap: product(sprc,csoq1d.s)
Momentum: trp(1,126)
PH52c: ratio(gprc(1),hgprc(1,252))
Toast: linear(1,trp(1,63),1,trp(1,126),1,trp(1,252))
BETA: if(dspo>800,beta(1,38,21),1)
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