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Subject:  0% Capital Gains Tax Date:  9/22/2020  9:07 AM
Author:  2020investor Number:  131101 of 132129

In 2020 I have some significant unrealized capital gains and am researching strategies to minimize my tax bill. I have a couple tax questions.

1. I am planning early retirement at the end of 2020. It looks like if I can keep my wife and my income under 80,000 for 2021, then we would fall in the 0% long term capital gains rate. Is that really the case that I would owe 0% on the very large capital gain?

2. I have read some conflicting information that capital gains is added to your regular income in figuring your income bracket. I don’t think that is the case. Can someone knowledgeable about this please confirm. Did it used to be this way, or is what I read just wrong?

3. Will things likely change in 2021? How quickly can a new administration change tax rules, and is that likely to happen in 2021. Would hate to retire from working to keep income under $80,000 and then realize the large long term capital gains in January 2021 only to realize later that the rules changed and I now owe a large capital gain tax bill.

Any help is appreciated.
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