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Subject:  Re: The Wizard of Oz Date:  11/29/2020  10:43 AM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  137570 of 138944

The film was overlong in the first cut.

I don't think such a thing exists. It wasn't "overlong", it was longer than the traditional run-length and executives didn't like it because you get less showings per day in the theaters. It's all about money, not the quality of the film.

Aliens suffers from that. Get the director's cut, it is much better (not that the original was was quite good!). They only include maybe an extra <10 minutes of footage, but it adds so much (including why Ripley bonded with Newt so quickly).

It's only overlong if it adds nothing to the story/experience. Cutting "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" clearly doesn't fall into that category.

Also, I think if it is done well one can insert singing/dancing into a story throughout a movie (or play). West Side Story comes to mind. They did it well, and integrated it into the plot. Instead of having exposition (e.g. talking about the coming "rumble"), they sang about it (e.g. "Tonight"; which as I recall was intercut with Maria singing a contrasting version about her upcoming meeting with Tony). Yeah, stopping everything so someone can break into song sucks. The few musicals I can think of don't do that (e.g. just thought of Hello, Dolly with Streisand; and Grease).

1poorguy (hasn't been to a Broadway play, just seen the movies)

P.S. I note that music also used to suffer this. Songs used to be limited to about 3 minutes because otherwise radio stations wouldn't play them. The Beatles changed that. They had long songs, and if you didn't play them you would lose listeners because it was The Beatles. I forget now which song specifically changed that policy. Maybe "Hey Jude"? In those days you had to play The Beatles or you were dead.
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