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Subject:  Re: ZM 2021 Revenue Guesstimate Date:  12/4/2020  5:04 PM
Author:  TMFRob Number:  74060 of 79872

Let's spit and shake on this bet, therefore: Monkey doesn't sell a single share of his Zoomies for 5 years. Y'all do your crazy smart thinking and sell and buy and rotate your sectors and whatever. Let's return to this post on 12/4/2025 and see whose banana stack is larger. Winner gets all kinds of delicious bottles of banana flavored bourbon. Any takers? -- Monkey

Your thoughts are fine, Monkey, but my mind is on a different track right now. NOT looking at selling any ZM. I'm looking at ALL our investments and trying to figure out where it makes sense to sell in order to buy more ZM. That has nothing to do with your shares of ZM or even my existing shares of ZM.

It has everything to do with deciding how many more shares to buy. I've already decided NOT to buy more ZM calls, given the likely gains, risks and call premiums. But it might be a good idea for me to double our position to 30%. I love the idea of 15% more portfolio in ZM.... but it means selling 15% of other companies that are doing great!

Since we own other good ones like CRWD, etc..... I have to evaluate each company and assess their current growth rate and market value against ZM. It would be easy to just sell stuff blindly and buy more ZM.... but I'm just probably fooling myself that I can optimize the process to sell just the least promising companies. At least I'll take my best shot....

So far, companies on my chopping block to fund more ZM: OKTA (very good, but not AS good).

It's hard to part with more positions right now, but I'm looking at what we've got....

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