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Subject:  Re: OT: AAPL : $111.4B in Q4 Revenue Date:  1/28/2021  10:16 AM
Author:  DTBoojum Number:  259593 of 267719

The law of large numbers is the one about the average of observations approaching the true mean as sample size grows.

On behalf of all people with mathematical and statistical training, thank you for this correction.

BTW, there are alternative formulations for the limits to growth that have not already been taken: trees don’t grow to the sky being perhaps the most common. (Although I prefer a different translation of this German saying: Trees can’t reach the sky.)

You could also say that a company can’t be bigger than the whole economy, or that people aren’t going to own two iphones each or have two Netflix accounts, or that monopoly laws restrict how big a company can get, or that big companies become overly bureaucratic and end up leaving opportunities for new companies to eat their lunch.

Now, what proportion of tosses of two fair dice will give you snake eyes (two ones)? With 100 tosses, you may well not get a single occurrence, but as you repeat the experiment more and more times, by __________________*, you will get a proportion that is closer and closer to 1 in 36. Fill in the blank...
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