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Subject:  Re: is an armed America a safer America? Date:  2/8/2021  9:28 AM
Author:  AdrianC Number:  138025 of 139286

You know I meet two kinds of gun owners. The first type can tell you the four rules of gun safety when asked and would never leave a loaded weapon unsupervised. They probably have a safe where they keep them.

I got invited to go shooting recently, by a very conservative guy I know. I thought he'd be the first type but wasn't totally sure. I know he has a CCW and does carry, and has an arsenal of bought and inherited guns.

I met him at the range. He had all his guns locked with a cable through the action and trigger locks.
Said he keeps them all in a safe at home. Since it was my first time at that range I had to watch a safety video. There was a safety person monitoring the lanes.

We had a good time. It was fun to shoot, though way more expensive than I remembered from 25 years ago when I used to shoot regularly (before marriage/before kids) - I bought most of the ammo since he was providing the guns.

First time with an AR-15. These things are so easy to shoot fairly accurately. After a few shots I could put all my shots in the red at 75 feet, the length of the indoor range.

So it was fun and safe. I trust this guy to be a responsible gun owner. He's trained and takes it very seriously. Attempts to restrict his gun ownership is counterproductive, IMO.
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