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Subject:  Re: Maryland: Private Sale Bckgrnd Checks Requir Date:  2/12/2021  7:58 AM
Author:  canonian Number:  17725 of 18071

People with violent criminal histories will steal them or buy them from other criminals, easy peasy.

Meanwhile law abiding citizens will be inconvenienced and charged $30 for the privilege.

Pretty much.

Here is a list of laws passed in Maryland, they keep squeezing until there will be nothing left to own, yet Baltimore is one of the gun crime capitals of the USA, usually in the top 3.

Rapid fire trigger device ban 10/1/2018

Red Flag / ERPO confiscations 10/1/2018

Mandatory registration of regulated arms 90 days of moving to MD 10/1/2013

10 round magazine limit 10/1/2013

HQL for handgun purchase 10/1/2013

Assault weapons /copy cat weapons ban (regulated rifles) 10/1/2013

5lb Limit on storage of smokeless powder / 5lb limit on black powder 10/1/2003

Mandated safety course for regulated firearms purchase 10/1/2000

Mandated trigger locks 10/1/2000

Ballistic records / shell casings retained for new purchases (rescinded 2015) 10/1/2000

Firearms seizures in domestic violence cases 10/1/1996

One regulated purchase per month 10/1/1996

End of private handgun sales 10/1/1996

Straw purchases banned 10/1/1996

Assault pistol ban 10/1/1996

20 round magazine limit 1994

Firearms secured from children under 16 1992

"Assault Rifles" added to handguns as "regulated firearms" 1989

Handgun Roster Board Established / Ban on "Saturday Night Specials" 1988

Wear and Carry Permit established 1972

Good and Substantial reason for carry permits 1972

Handguns prohibited from vehicles (excluding a few exceptions for transport) 1972

7-day wait for regulated firearms 1966

Pistol registration for new purchases 1966

Denial of handguns purchase for those who spent >30 consecutive days in a mental institution 1966

Annual State machine gun registration 1934

Good and Substantial reason to carry (open or concealed without a permit) 1886

Prohibition of free blacks from carrying arms following Nate Turner Slave Rebellion (later rescinded) 12/1831
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