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Subject:  Re: Nvidia to buy ARM Date:  2/12/2021  3:12 PM
Author:  OuetisKhan Number:  11662 of 11684

So I only started investing after I received a cash payment from my redundancy. I actually think and know Nvidia is one of my base foundational stocks. I bought 5 shares at $409 July 2020,and mid Feb 2021 it's $597. You might think that's crazy but the business has an amazing future. Moore's law is over (so traditional silicon isnt going to change much) and everyone goes on about data and machine learning. After the crazy rise of AI/ML to now the realistic benefits. These need some great processing power. Sure there's the cloud but even they are implementing gpu's. That's because their little mini clouds in themselves. So the reason ai/ml continues is because of gpu's. They are diversifying and supporting ml/ai, building embedded technology and creating a positive relationship to many of those who will build the next software company.any people don't like investing in hardware because it coat lots. Sure but without the hardware...the software is useless written on paper.

Some of the dangers I see are an inability to make programming on a gpu more accessible, not keeping the embedded board work updated, keeping the gaming community happy with gaming and most crucially and it's a biggie. That I don't think they have actually sorted. Implementing some kind of standard for hardware integration into laptops. Desktops are doing great but time and again. The start is always a little laptop for many small start ups. Laptops are accessible but the integration and turning the gpu from imaging to computation is still not easily available. WSL integration is a start but it needs to support more of this to make it more accessible. Oh and did I say,I truly believe that fundamentally I believe I. The company and the stock.
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