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Subject:  Re: Maryland: Private Sale Bckgrnd Checks Requir Date:  2/13/2021  11:44 AM
Author:  mauser96 Number:  17737 of 18410

BTW they force training and licensing on you to operate a car. Not to purchase one.."

You can purchase a car but you can't use it before the licensing and training.

Is there an echo in here, that is just what I said. Licensing a car is all about tax revenue not safety.,

Actually I approve of some sort of training before people can use a gun outside the home. But the training must be realistic. And done only once. All records of it purged,the gun user to get a card proving he took the course .If safe guards are not in place then I am against it.

The anti gun people really don't care about safety,they react to guns just like some people react to spiders. Even harmless ones. Proof of this is wording "gun crime" but never a word like "car crime" even though both cars and guns are inanimate not able to do anything by themselves
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