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Subject:  Stockade fence repair Date:  4/6/2021  7:45 AM
Author:  MisterFungi Number:  143259 of 144775

We've got a short section (about 8') of 6' tall fence with a fairly heavy gate that runs between the back of our house and the garage. The 4x4 post that the gate hangs on has gone all wobbly. It appears that when the posts were sunk (before my time, and I've been here 33 years), they went straight into the ground, with no concrete around them. I say that because I drove a steel rod about 2' into the ground next to the post to reduce the wobble, and it went right in with no resistance.

I plan to dig around the post and see if it's rotten and needs to be replaced (probably), or whether I can get away with just pouring some concrete into the hole. But to access the post, I first need to disassemble the fence, alas. The bottom and middle 2x4 runners are toenailed into the posts, and the top runner sits on top of the posts, nailed down into them.

Here's my question. I've been thinking that when I reassemble the fence, I'd attach the bottom and middle runners (and maybe the top one, too) with angle braces and screws rather than toenail them. My thinking is that this would be stronger and would also enable easier disassembly if I ever needed to get the fence out of the way for some reason (e.g., to get large equipment in). What do you think?

I researched this a bit and see that Simpson makes 2.75" wide 90-degree angle braces and hex-head self-tapping screws that look ideal for what I have in mind. Anyone ever used them?
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