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Subject:  Re: Supreme Court and Abortion Date:  5/18/2021  10:44 AM
Author:  nigelwhalmsley Number:  2354275 of 2381061

If the SCOTUS were to rule that life begins at conception (or more accurately, that personhood begins at conception, since there's no dispute that a fetus is alive), that wouldn't necessarily change how private parties measure age - or even necessarily how the government measures age. It might result in nothing more than contracts and/or statutes including a new definition that clarifies that "age" is measured from date of birth and not date of personhood.

Well, you could take this a step further, since the sperm and egg are also indisputably alive. If we accept that a fetus is a potential person, then doesn't it stand to reason that a sperm and egg are also a potential person?

This could get VERY messy.

I think, rather than having than having the government involved, we should let the people involved make these kinds of judgements. Funny thing about that, though; The people who claim to be for smaller, less intrusive government and claim to highly value personal liberty are the very same people who WANT the government to take responsibility for these decisions, and to take away the personal liberty of the woman involved.


We seem to be heading the way of The Handmaid's Tale. Women need to rise up and fight this craziness.
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