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Subject:  UAP Date:  5/25/2021  7:18 PM
Author:  AlphaWolf Number:  179593 of 179626

Unidentifiable Aerial Phenomenon (UAP is the new UFO).

If you asked me a month ago, I would have ranked the possibilities of UAP (really unidentifiable ones, not those classified as balloons, satellites, etc) for which we verifiable documentation (pictures, videos, multiple serious and sober witnesses, etc) as being from:

1) Top secret US technology 90%
2) Top secret Chinese technology 8%
3) Top secret Russian technology more than 1%
4) Other galactic intelligent life less than 1%
5) Intergalactic intelligent life 0%

I absolutely believe that intelligent life exists in our galaxy as well as other galaxies. Not so certain about intelligent life on Earth.

The reason I give #5 a 0% has to do with the mind boggling distances between galaxies, let alone within our galaxy. The nearest solar system to the sun is about 4.3 light years away. Given technology we think we will have in 2027, a rocket ship could travel over 400,000 miles an hour. That means it would only take us about 60,000 years to get to our nearest solar system.

That’s just traveling next door in our own galaxy. Let’s not get started on intergalactic space travel. Space is BIG.

Maybe some advanced race has figured out how to beat the universe’s speed limit, the speed of light. Or bend space time. Or cut travel down to a few centuries and just send AI craft. Once they were here, it would only take 8.6 years to send and receive a message. Piece of cake.

So, next month the Pentagon and U.S. Intelligence is reporting to Congress about UAP. Probably won’t be public, but you know there will be leaks.

Of course, everything will probably remain part of the big U, unidentifiable.

But someone is starting to take this seriously as a huge national security issue, regardless of where, or if, the technology exists.

Part of me thinks it would be cool to know there is intelligent life off Earth. Another part of me doesn’t want a visit from off-Earth because when advanced civilizations encounter a less technologically advanced civilization, guess who wins.

I doubt we’ll find out a lot next month, but I’m becoming much more interested in UAP.

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