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Subject:  Re: College Loan... a rant Date:  6/14/2021  12:16 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  912210 of 912639

Even in the 1960s, college sports was a major factor for a significant part of the college selection. Who didn't want to got to a school with a top football team? Rah rah rah!

Of course, many state colleges had competitive football, from Univ of TX and several campuses, Texas A&M, etc. Many 'elite' schools have none like Baylor..... Univ of IL, Alabama, OH state , MI.......

For some, it's the fraternities and making 'contacts' valuable after college - like Harvard - Princeton, etc. (not much football at Harvard, though - top Hockey team - maybe other sports)...,

I did go to private engineering college - and graduated with some loans..... which were paid off in 2 years. Yeah, after college I drove a 3 year old car. I had 2 room mates the first year in a 'garden Apt' in the suburbs, and 1 the next two years. Paid off the car loan in 18 months, too. No spring break trips - other than home - and same for summer. At parents house working a job to earn 'spending money' for college - like 8-10/week during the year. Lived in the dorms. Had a roommate 3 of 4 years.

Big expenditures at the time were occasional trips to downtown Chicago.....visit some nightclubs packed with 20 year olds. Cost a few bucks - maybe once a month. Or a pizza out with friends - once every two weeks..... I guess the 'regulars' were there every weekend spending bucks from their jobs.

It was nearly 20 years before I bought my first 1350 sq ft house. (1977) .....

Now, most 'starter' houses are double the size.

- - --

I just can't image how people , a few, pile up $250,000 in debt - other than medical school....and ever expect to pay it off.

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