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Subject:  Re: After the Apocalypse: Date:  6/21/2021  4:02 PM
Author:  tim443 Number:  96154 of 96847

One of the big changes that Bacevich proposes is to end U.S. involvement in NATO. “NATO has become an exercise in nostalgia,” as it tries to guard against threats that no longer exist while it is incapable of addressing contemporary problems that do not have a military solution. Our European allies have the means to provide for their own defense, but for decades the U.S. has actively discouraged them from building up their own security institutions for fear of undermining NATO.

How very odd? All the wars since the wall came down were either helping US go after those that drove jets into the towers or ones they started over an imaginary supply of yellowcake in Iraq? Isis was a direct outcome of US insistence on dismantling the professional officer corps of the Iraqi army.

The current Iran issues are the result of US (Trump) cancelling the Iranian nuclear deal and slapping sanctions on them as well as murdering their top military leader in a foreign country for his own amusement?

By all means please do end NATO, we will manage quite well without the assistance of the recent wackadoddle leadership.

Both France and Britain have ballistic missile subs and a mutual interest in keeping Vlad out of the EU. Putin and his Oligarchs are more interested in who can steal the most money from the Russian economy rather than actually modernizing their decrepit military forces.

Tim <be careful what you ask for, you may get it>
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