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Subject:  Re: After the Apocalypse: Date:  6/21/2021  5:35 PM
Author:  tjscott0 Number:  96155 of 96653

How very odd? All the wars since the wall came down were either helping US go after those that drove jets into the towers or ones they started over an imaginary supply of yellowcake in Iraq? Isis was a direct outcome of US insistence on dismantling the professional officer corps of the Iraqi army.

Which Bacevich is in agreement.
“Maintaining the “special” relationship has been very costly for Britain, since it has led more than one government to plunge into unnecessary war in solidarity with the U.S., and the expectation of British servility has bred an ugly willingness on our government’s part to abuse Britain and take it for granted.”
The EU benefits at least as much as the US from our leaving NATO.

The current Iran issues are the result of US (Trump) cancelling the Iranian nuclear deal and slapping sanctions on them as well as murdering their top military leader in a foreign country for his own amusement?

Our issues with Iran date from 1979 when our guy the Shah was removed from power.
I don’t believe Iran or N Korea will ever end seeking nuclear weapons. Gaddaffi is the lesson there. He renounced terrorism, made amends for Lockerbie & quit seeking nukes & WMDs. It wasn’t enough. He was killed as a result of US led NATO intervention that created a terrorist breeding ground in Libya to say nothing of new slave market there.
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