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Subject:  Re: 98 y.o. Bob Dole is “Trumped-out” Date:  7/26/2021  3:56 PM
Author:  DorothyM Number:  2359432 of 2381073

Bob Dole’s 98th birthday was yesterday. It was rather muted: he’s been zapped by chemo for a stage 4 cancer diagnosis in February. He shared some of his views with USA Today.

So Bob Dole is 98 years old ant there's so much on his bucket list that he's not yet able to leave.

Has he not yet been to Venice? Or the Galapagos Islands? Machu Picchu is out of the question. I'd think that if a man didn't head to Peru when he was at most 60. it didn't mean a lot to him.

I'm once again reminded of those few lines of Brideshead Revisted which gobsmaked me when I was not yet 40 -- The BBC version which aired on PBS many years ago, the one with Laurence Olivier. I can't quote this small scene but I think I've got the gist of it.
Lord Marchmain is dying, but slowly. The doctor has visited and Charles (Jeremy Irons) has walked the doctor to his car. In parting Charles observes that Marchmain "has a wonderful will to live." The doctor stops and replies "Do you think so? I'd have called it a remarkable fear of death."
Charles thinks briefly and responds to the doctor that "Surely, these are the same thing."
The doctor, with a wide experience of death declares that "Oh, no. They are very different."
I did Waugh no favor by trying to quote him but should get a trophy for trying, ;-}

Perhaps it's just a matter of knowing when the party is over and it's time to go home.
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