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Subject:  Re: I'm over Manchin Date:  10/18/2021  2:04 PM
Author:  AlphaWolf Number:  2365149 of 2381073

I am more in line with albaby on this one.

In fact, think it’s the progressive’s who are being obstinate and unrealistic in this particular instance. It drives me crazy when they complain it’s unfair when 48 people want $3.5 trillion and 2 want $1+ trillion. I’d tell them exactly what I told my kids when they were 5 years old and complained about how life was unfair; who told you life was fair? It isn’t.

Would I vote to spend more than $1 trillion over 10 years that’s mostly paid for? Sure, there a lot of stuff we need, especially environmental initiatives.

But there’s this nasty thing out there and it’s called reality. And the reality is you need Manchin and Sinema (honestly, Sinema worries me more than Manchin does because I don’t understand her). And if $1+ trillion is all you can get, GRAB IT!! We’re one heart attack away from total failure. Complaining about it and attacking them is a waste of time AND counter productive.

So you can have a tantrum and not pass anything and ensure the Dems lose the House and Senate or take the two $1+ trillion bills (which Biden would probably say is a big something deal) and spend your time bragging about it (because it is a big deal), nominating progressive judges, protecting voter rights, and getting more progressives elected (if you can).

Demonstrating you can actually accomplish something goes a long way with voters. Take action and you can live to fight another day. Whine and procrastinate and you lose.

And another thing I told my kids when they whined because we wouldn’t give them everything they wanted, GROW UP.

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