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Subject:  Re: Bad experience at AXOS Bank Date:  1/1/2022  11:50 AM
Author:  2gifts Number:  24367 of 24368

I'm confused with your reply. They asked me and accepted a PDF bank statement.

They really asked for a bank statement? That's an odd request. Or did they ask a more general question and that is what you chose to send? I cannot tell from the info you have provided so far.

I just opened up an account at Coinbase (and a few other places but Coinbase is an excellent example). By the time I got finished with a few questions like SS#, phone#, address, Coinbase asked me questions... They knew my step son's name, the color of my son's car, and a previous address that was over 20 years ago. No... with today's tech, me sending PDFs that I got on line from one institution to another is absurd. i.e. if I had hacked into my checking account, Coinbase would have had a much higher probability of detecting the fraud than AXOS bank and it was no bother to me. You don't ask the suspect for proof that is trivial to forge. You get third party verification. Plus... asking me the second time is what tipped the scales. What excuse is there for that?

I don't see why you think Coinbase would have a higher probability of detecting fraud. Did they provide you with all that info, or did they ask you for it, and you had to either provide or confirm from a list? There's a difference there.

You still have not said exactly what they asked for, so I can't tell if it was unreasonable as you seem to think.

I will say that I am involved in these sorts of things and so see quite an interesting variety of what people will attempt to do. It is still amazing to me how someone who is clearly trying to do something fraudulent will go great lengths to get the bank to give in. I see this a ridiculous amount of times.

Sounds like I want to stay away from Citizens Bank.

Yeah, this one is actually my son's account on which I have POA. For the life of me, I cannot convince him to switch to another bank or credit union given their abysmal service. For instance, it takes 3 days for an electronic transfer to go either to or from them and my credit union, but if I write a check and do it via mobile deposit, it hits the next day. I compare this to E-Trade transfers into my own credit union account which take 1 day. It is clearly on the Citizens end. Oh, and then there was the time he physically went into the bank and made a withdrawal, but he took out more money than he had in the account. So instead of the teller noting that and refusing to give him funds over what were in the account, they whacked him an overdraft fee. Yet if he had attempted to make that same withdrawal from the ATM, it would have said there were not sufficient funds and not let him do the overdraft.

I hate Citizens bank, but as long as he has that account there, I get to have some of this fun.
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