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Seasons Greetings, all!

Since we are in the final stretch on this years METAR stock contest I and the numbers are changing, I thought I would give an update. And boy, has this contest changed in just two weeks! Anyone who has posted dividends in the dividend thread has their dividends included that are paid this month. If you have not posted your dividends paid this quarter, you can do so here:

Now, for the results:

Long Shot Category:

Knightof3, just 1% off of having a Double-bagger (up 99%) with MED
EddieLuck, with SGMNF is up 94%
PeterRabit, with PPP is up 90%

Wow, those are some amazing returns!

Now, Safe Bet stocks:

Cheftms, up 31% with PAA
imuafool, up 28%, with AMT
Qazulight, with ITW is up 27%


Knightof3 up 37%
Namkato, back on the leader board, with 31%
murdockvdk up 30%

And METAR vs. World:

METAR Long Shot: 1.63%
METAR Safe Bet: 1.72%
SPY: 11.19%

The way things have changed this week, and with so many unknowns facing us, I would be very surprised if the results are not very different in 2 weeks. Sometime during the New Years Holiday I will post an update, with complete listings of everyone's performance. You have two weeks to manipulate the markets through massive buying to avoid embarassment!

Congrats the current leaders, and to all participants:

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