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Hi collective,

Rich Duprey (TMFCop) explains Metrosexual to us!!

Fun & informative article

Congrats Rich

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Um, thanks, I think! ;)

I actually noticed this trend a few years ago, but didn't realize it had a name back then. I used to subscribe to Maxim magazine and I noticed a disturbing trend of hair dye products (Maxim brand, no less), low-rise jeans for men, and several other "warning" signs. I guess they were way ahead of the curve. Or my curve, at any rate.

It was fun to research and write, though I swear I didn't try out any of the products!


Who considers himself to have "externally referenced masculinity"
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I just sent you off an email asking if you used those products before I read here that you 'say' that you don't. Well, the way I heard it is that 'only your hairdresser will know'.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, a little enhancement of mother nature now and then ain't bad, masculine of feminine, I always say.

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