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Well, being the tightwad .... I mean LBYMer I am, I delayed spending money on a mic to record my guitar. I was using an iPone to record video and the sound was just horrible.

So my brother-in-law, who is an Apple junkie, heard my tale of woe and recommended a free app called Dolby On. And, WOW, what a difference! It’s not studio quality sound, but it makes a huge difference. And I’m still playing around with the settings.

Only one problem with it. I can’t blame the poor quality sound on the mic anymore. :)

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Good luck!

The takeaway is that we are INCREDIBLY lucky with all the affordable tech out there these days for recording, mixing, mastering, etc. For very little money (with a lot of skill and practice, which I'm still working on) you can produce studio-quality recordings at home.

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