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It is with profound sadness that we today announce the passing of Michael A.J. Farrell, co-founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Annaly Capital Management. He was a fantastic leader and friend and will be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to his family and all those who were fortunate enough to know him.

Terrible shame. If you have listened to any calls or past communication from Farrell, you appreciated both how he ran and communicated the business, as well as his passion for it. Hard to believe I won't continue to hear this passion. I have not owned NLY for some time, and still made the effort to listen to the calls, even if just for the economic commentary.

I'm going to miss him.

Helical Investor
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I'll give more than a moment. Mike Farrell was an amazing CEO - above and beyond making me a ton of money. This was a company about which I never worried - just put the dividend on DRIP and forget about it.
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Farrell will be missed! But I like NLY for "all" its people. They were picked carefully, and have shown clear-headed decision making. This company is just a good company. Period.

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