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Anyone else keeping an eye on YAK-CN? It's a frighteningly small company ($7 million market cap) trading on an obscure exchange. They do have an interesting business model (selling picks and shovels in mineral rich Mongolia). I stumbled across YAK because it's being run by Harris Kupperman, who I think many people know from his investment blog.

I googled around a bit and found a few odds and ends.

A picture of Kuppy in his Mongolian office:

An interview from June:

This is a guy the Occupy people should love. As CEO, he gets no compensation of any kind: "Nothing. No stock options. No salary. No bonus. No performance allocation. Nothing." He owns a major piece of the company so he will do well if the company does well.

Looks extremely risky but I'm sufficiently intrigued to do some more digging.
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It seems priced at least 10 times too high at over $4/share. I haven't seen any proforma projections for rental bucks from the property they have now, and still have no idea what type of insurance they plan to be selling.

still seems to be in unwinding of startup plans. It might seem interesting a year from now if shares were at $0.25 I have no idea why price would speculatively rise either.
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Yep, this is a "story stock" with a great pitchman (Kuppy) and the valuation is most likely wildly out of whack with the financials. It's the kind of thing I've been burned on before but I find it interesting to follow the story.

In general, I wonder if there is such a thing as a "value" micro-cap. If the share price is low enough to be considered "under-priced", the business is probably in significant danger of going bust.
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