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I am a beginning investor in stocks in the Delaware, SE PA area. I am a professional monopoly player--I buy and sell houses full time.

I am looking for some input from investors in this area regarding stock investing and particularly the rule maker and rule breaker concepts.

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I to am a investor of real estate and bringing in stocks to my holdings was a way to start towards a simpler time (Not retirerment) in my life.

Mostly I deal in the after market of discounted Land Contracts (Mostly) and Reverse Mortgages (Somewhat).

So when it comes to stocks on a whole and I look back at Discounted Land Contracts, the contracts pay better than the stocks. I'm sure if your doing well you find the same thing with buying and selling of homes.

I know that in 12 years I'm looking at slowing it down so now what I've done is to break the market down into sectors RE: Drugs, Chemicals, Food, Mfg, and so-on.

When I first started trading I bought through a broker, still to much work and the taxes on the sales were bring down my returns. So now I sat up 22 drips and I'm depositing about 50% of my contract payments monthly (And only once a month on the 20th) just to start the slow down.

With the great needs I have for cash and I'm sure you must to, my thinking was to pare off a % I could live with bought in to stocks I feel I can keep for life.

No way could I ever leave the Properties and contracts fully to invest in for the most part something that pays appox one half.

This is a subject you need to write about in your journal and make sure your taking the proper road to this foolish subject of investing.

Hope to see you around.

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